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Texans Face Life For E-Mail Threats

Yahoo! News    Texas Headlines 

Friday October 30 5:21 AM EDT 

Texans Face Life For E-Mail Threats - (BROWNSVILLE) -- A Brownsville jury has returned a split verdict in the
trial of three alleged ``Republic of Texas'' members accused of making terrorist threats. Forty-three-year-old Jack Grebe
(GREEB) and 72-year-old Johnie Wise were convicted for sending electronic e-mail to President Clinton and several
other federal officials... warning they were ``targeted for revenge''. Sixty-three-year-old Oliver Emigh (EM-EE) was
acquitted of all charges. The jury also found the trio NOT GUILTY of plotting to use modified cigarette lighters to fire
cactus needles... tipped with a biological poison. Grebe and Wise will be sentenced in January and face a maximum
penalty of life imprisonment.