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Re: network computers, web TV, java

a company has a *reponsibility* to its customers. perhaps
you would care to deny that?? gates has a *responsibility*
to his customers. what is that responsibility? to create
products they want. to anticipate their needs. 

you, working at MS, and spouting the official company line
(and not identifying your affiliation, like
all corporate slaveminded robots) would have a hard time
grasping that. nice of you not to use your MS address <g>

a web tv with java has had *extreme* interest from around
the country!! but MS is not merely not doing web tv with
java. they are sending out smoke signals that they will
do it one minute, but then SIT ON IT. thus cleverly preventing
any other companies from even thinking about it. as I understand it,
as early as 97 it was announced it would happen. this is a way
of STALLING, and pissing on a market. 

so BW, what happens if another company does create itself
to solve this little problem? and in 2 years we actually
have a java type web tv??? well, would you apologize then??
what about the 2 years we didn't have one because of MS's
outright inexcusable *arrogance*?? do you think that this means
that people didn't want it until 2 years from now?  if so, you'd
be an idiot. yes, another company will
come along and cannibalize and disembowel MS if they keep this crap up.
and they will show NO MERCY to MS just as MS has shown NO MERCY
to anyone else.

it all smells like IBM not wanting to sell PCs because it
would cannibalize their mainframes. 

yes, Win95 is a decent operating system-- by 95 standards.
by year 2000 standards, I think it is starting to lose
touch with what customers really want-- something that you
don't have to be a geek to run. the public is rapidly beginning
to understand that it isn't that they are stupid, it's just
that the OS is stupid....

how many people have ever had to reinstall windows 95 and
a lot of other software to fix  a simple trivial glitch???
a decent OS would know when it has been corrupted. in
fact with a really good one,  corruption is IMPOSSIBLE.
by well behaved apps or nonwell behaved, take your pick.

MS is getting too arrogant. you can call me whatever names
you want, but I know that they have hit the point of no
return. just recently. in fact, that's why I thought I
would announce it to ya'all <g>