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Re: network computers, web TV, java

>>>>> blancink  <[email protected]> writes:

  > Do you have some kind of emergency which requires that you get a
  > web TB with java Real Soon Now, but that stinkin' rotten billg is
  > making life hard on you?

Naw, VZ probably just had the sort of day I've just had with NT, the
lower-than-pig-shit `operating system' that the marketing dickheads in
Redmond seem to have sold to every IT manager and pointy-hair boss in
this gawd-forsaken industry.

It doesn't bother me that Micro$hit have made nearly every technical
error that they could.  But I'm royally pissed off that they've
managed to sell this cruft to the ignorant folks with the cheque-
books, who then expect me to make their `virtual private empires' work.

Just frustration, you know...