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RE: UK police chase crooks on CCTV (fwd)

Snipped down to DCF's response...

>My point is not that we shouldn't grab them it's that the "Human Rights
>Community" is politically discriminatory and wouldn't think of going after

Since I live in Spain, I am privy to a side of the story that doesn't seem
to get much air outside of Spain. (At least not that I've seen) In Spain,
Spain is the protagonist in this issue--not the "Human Rights Community".
It may be that they accept any help they may get from these folks, but the
main push is from the families of Spanish citizens murdered by Pinochet. He
not only killed his "countrymen" but also foreign nationals. Spain will try
him for the murders of Spaniards NOT Argentineans, Brazilians, Americans,
or any other nationality. 

>From inside Spain this issue doesn't seem nearly as global as the
international community portrays it. I guess it's kind of like a certain
African nation wanting to try a certain western hemisphere president for
the deaths of some factory workers... Or perhaps in a small way a
refutation of the international norm that protects rulers from the
otherwise natural consequence of their actions.