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:) :) Shed The Pounds The Easy Way :) :)

And Still Lose Weight!  No Joke!
Need To Lose Weight Quick?  Don't Have Time To Exercise?
And You Can Eat As Much As You Want!

Introducing Slender Now(tm)

How Confident Are We?...
In 30 Days If You're Not Completely Satisfied With 
This System, Send The "Empty" Bottles Back For FULL Refund!

This System Is So Effective, Test Subjects Typically
Lose 10 - 15 Pounds of FAT in the FIRST MONTH!
More Importantly, The Rebound Effect So Common 
With Other Forms Of Weight Loss Has Been Eliminated.

* A NO-FAIL Slender Now(tm) BURN, BIND, BLOCK and BUILD System 
BURN - StimuLean(tm) - A Unique Herbal Thermogenic Formula that allows
stored fats to be turned into energy (see below).
BIND - SlenderLean(tm) - A unique state-of-the-art fiber-based product that binds
 up to 40 grams (360 fat calories) of dietary fat from the foods you've just eaten, 
therefore throwing these excess fat calories out of your body as waste rather than 
storing them as fat (see below).
BLOCK - Phase'oLean(tm) - It's back!  Dr. Marshall's Exclusive STARCH 
BLOCKER(tm) FORMULA has been approved for re-release for the first 
time in 15 years! Each tablet has the capacity to block the digestion and 
absorption 	of more than 100 grams or more than 400 calories of 
starch (see below).
BUILD - Aminolyze(tm) - This product contains the specific amino acids 
necessary for your body to make new collagen.  It helps maintain lean 
body mass and build muscle tissue; very important while losing weight.  
You burn fat, rather than muscle, which helps to maintain a healthy lean 
body mass ratio 

* Eat as much as you want! 
* Your energy level will skyrocket!
* 100% safe and all natural!
* Get results in two weeks!
* 30 Day Money back guarantee - no questions asked! 

* EAT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!  That's right, you can continue to 
eat your favorite high calorie foods and still lose weight!  That was 
mpossible until now!  With the revolutionary Slender Now(tm) System, 
you can enjoy your favorite foods like steak, pork, eggs and dairy 
products and still achieve your goal.
* 100% SAFE AND ALL NATURAL!  The Slender Now(tm) System 
contains no preservatives, sugar, starch, salt, wheat, yeast, milk, soy 
derivatives, artificial flavoring or coloring agents.  
* GET RESULTS IN TWO WEEKS!	90% of our clients are experiencing 
incredible results and immediate energy within the first two weeks!
* MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!  You have 30 days to try the products. 
If you are less than completely satisfied, send the "empty" bottles back 
for a full 100% refund.

You Have 30 DAYS To Try The Products At Wholesale Prices

Here is what just two people had to say (and there are many more):
Sharon H., female, age 44, Real-Estate agent, Atlanta, GA.  "I've lost 23 
pounds in four weeks and 2 dress sizes and my husband has lost 15.  
We were skeptical because we thought it was another one of those fad 
diets.  However, after researching and experiencing the products,  this 
is going to revolutinalize weight loss.  People have been asking me 
what I'm doing and when I tell them they don't believe it, so I just tell 
them to try it.  Why not? It comes with a 100% money back guarantee!"

Stanley K., male, age 41, Pittsburgh, PA.  "These products are amazing!  
Not only have I lost 15 pounds in first month, my energy level is high 
and consistent throughout the day. The system is easy; I've never 
been able to lose weight like this!  I'm actually eating more!  This has 
just blown me away.  And the most incredible thing is that I've haven't 
dieted a bit with the exception of avoiding excess starches."
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