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MEDIA RELEASE: Data Fellows and TSP to Cooperate

Press Release				For immediate release

Data Fellows Strengthens Its Position as Leading Data Security Vendor in

TSP and Its Worldwide Partner Network Joins Data Fellows

Helsinki, Finland, October 2, 1998 - Data Fellows, the developer of the
ground-breaking F-Secure Anti-Virus and Cryptography product family, and
the Dutch company TSP - The Security Provider have signed a cooperation and
distribution agreement. 

TSP, whose owners were behind ThunderByte anti-virus toolkit, currently has
over 40 distributors and 12 million ThunderByte users world-wide. TSP
specializes in security consultancy and marketing of information security
products. According to the announced cooperation agreement, TSP will
concentrate on selling Data Fellows products in the Netherlands, and its
international operations and distribution network will be taken over by
Data Fellows and its partners. 

"The addition of TSP to our list of partners will be yet another step
toward our goal of being among the top data security providers in the
world." says Risto Siilasmaa, President and CEO of Data Fellows. "Together
with Data Fellows’ complete line of data security products, TSP’s network
of distributors around the world is going to make a valuable contribution
to our existing world wide partner network that already covers over 80

Says Harald Zeeman of TSP, "The anti-virus market structures are changing.
The customers today demand overall data security solutions instead of point
applications. Therefore it is important for a small company like ours to
form alliances and thereby to remain viable. The future belongs to those
who have the broadest expertise and service to its customers.

"With this alliance we are able to serve our existing customer base by
offering them migration not only to the award-winning F-Secure Anti-Virus
product range but above all to the F-Secure Workstation Suite which Data
Fellows recently announced." 

TSP was founded in 1998 after Norman Data Defense Systems B.V. took over
the development of the ThunderByte scanning engine. 

About Data Fellows

Data Fellows is one of the world’s leading developers of data security
products. The Company develops, markets and supports anti-virus, data
security and cryptography software products for corporate computer
networks. It has offices in San Jose, California, and Espoo, Finland, with
corporate partners, VARs and other distributors in over 80 countries around
the world. 

All F-Secure products are integrated into the CounterSign management
architecture, which provides a three-tier, scaleable, policy-based
management infrastructure to minimize the costs of security management. 

F-Secure Workstation Suite consists of malicious code detection and
removal, unobtrusive file and network encryption, and personal firewall
functionality, all integrated into a policy-based management architecture.

F-Secure Anti-Virus, with multiple scanning engines (including F-PROT and
AVP), is the most comprehensive, real-time virus scanning and protection
system for all Windows platforms. 

F-Secure VPN+ provides a software-based, IPSEC-compliant Virtual Private
Network solution for large corporate networks as well as remote and small
office networks. 

F-Secure FileCrypto is the first and only product to integrate strong
real-time encryption directly into the Windows file system. 

F-Secure SSH provides secure remote login, terminal, and other connections
over unsecured networks. It is the most widely used secure remote
administration tool.

F-Secure NameSurfer is the solution for remote Internet and Intranet DNS
administration.  Its easy-to-use WWW user interface automates and
simplifies DNS administration.

The Company has customers in more than 100 countries, including many of the
world’s largest industrial corporations and best-known telecommunications
companies, major international airlines, European governments, post offices
and defense forces, and several of the world’s largest banks. 

The Company was named one of the Top 100 Technology companies in the world
by Red Herring magazine in its September 1998 issue. Other commendations
include Hot Product of the Year 1997 (Data Communications Magazine); Best
Anti-Virus product (SVM Magazine, May 1997); Editor’s Choice (SECURE
Computing Magazine); and the 1996 European Information Technology Prize.

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