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New information at the Informant


NOTE: We do NOT send unsolicited e-mail to anyone.  If you have been signed
up for our service against your will, PLEASE JUST REPLY TO THIS NOTE, saying
that you never signed up.  We will delete the account that is sending you mail
and do our best to identify the person who signed you up. (Our e-mail address
is [email protected]; our URL is http://informant.dartmouth.edu/.)

The Informant has discovered new information!

 32 new         WWW page(s)
  0 updated     WWW page(s)
  1 unreachable WWW page(s) (monitored pages only)

To see your pages, please come visit us at


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If you did sign up with us, but are tired of receiving this e-mail, please 
visit the Web site and increase the number of days between updates, blank out 
your e-mail address, or remove yourself from the service.

Your faithful servant,

The Informant