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Get GROOVY in Photoshop! - Extensis PhotoTools 3.0

Get GROOVY in Photoshop! - Extensis PhotoTools 3.0

Announcing Extensis PhotoTools™ 3.0 

Now, create groovy, never-seen-before effects for the Web and print—with Extensis PhotoTools 3.0 

- NEW! PhotoGroove will create custom, never-seen-before bevel effects 
- NEW! PhotoTexture creates an infinite variety of seamless natural and synthetic textures
- NEW! PhotoAnimator automatically generates animated GIFs for the Web
- IMPROVED! PhotoCastShadow now displays shadows from multiple light sources
- IMPROVED! PhotoButton offers custom button shapes and textured surfaces

New PhotoTools 3.0 is a significant upgrade that offers the most versatile collection of real-world special effects for Web, print, and multimedia design. PhotoTools gives the highest quality effects for textures, glows, buttons, shadows, embosses, bevels, and GIF animations! 

Even better, access all of PhotoTools’ features from the NEW Extensis menu—right in Photoshop—using the commands you already know.

There is only one thing for brilliant special effects—GET GROOVY! with Extensis PhotoTools 3.0.

To ORDER, download a FREE demo, or for more information, please visit: 
Or call Extensis at (800) 796-9798 or (503) 274-2020.

Extensis PhotoTools is fully compatible with Adobe® Photoshop® 4 and 5 (Mac and Windows).

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P.P.S. This message is intended for North American customers.  If you are located outside of North America and have received this message, please visit  www.extensis.com/purchase/ to find the nearest local distributor in your country