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Thank you for your interest in The Investment Exchange!

You have been referred to us as having a stake in raising capital or placing 
capital. If this is correct, we trust the information below will be valuable to you. 

If we have erred, please accept our apologies. You may simply type "REMOVE" 
in the "Subject Line" above, send the reply including your email address to us. 
We will ensure you receive no further correspondence from The Investment 

Established in 1986, The Investment Exchange has computer-matched many 
millions of Investors' Capital to Investment Opportunities. We are not a business 
or mortgage broker, nor are we an investment dealer. What The Investment 
Exchange provides is a network for ingenuity and capital that, when combined, 
results in a successful match. It works! 

If this interests you, please visit The Investment Exchange website, 
http://www.tinvex.com . 

Once you have had an opportunity to review the material we have provided, please 
contact the undersigned with any questions or comments. You may 
mailto:[email protected] . 

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you. 

The Investment Exchange
Ken Fowler,