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New Product Provides On-the-Fly Protection For Sensitive Data on Personal

HELSINKI, FINLAND, October 9, 1998  -- Data Fellows, a leading developer of
data security software has started to ship F-Secure FileCrypto. The new
product provides strong, on-the-fly encryption for confidential data in the
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 environment. 

"F-Secure FileCrypto is the only file encryption product on the market
designed for companies with thousands of PCs," says Mr. Camillo Sars,
Product Development Manager, Data Fellows. "The protection of confidential
files has never been this easy. F-Secure FileCrypto is installed over the
entire network, and automatically encrypts all files, including temporary
files created by programs and the operating system during running. The
process is completely transparent to end-users, requiring no action from
them at all." 

The administrator can define a security policy for all installed copies of
F-Secure FileCrypto. F-Secure FileCrypto will have a full support for
centralized policy-based management later this fall.

The program also features a key retrieval function. If a user forgets the
password that allows access to encrypted files, the Administrative Key
Recovery function manages the situation safely and easily.

According to Mr. Sars, "F-Secure FileCrypto is one of the first products to
integrate strong real-time encryption into the Windows file system. It
automatically encrypts data before it gets stored on the hard disk,
protecting sensitive information even in the most demanding situations. If
a PC is improperly turned off, or if a laptop computer’s batteries go dead,
any open or temporary files will be encrypted and safe."

F-Secure FileCrypto also has a feature which allows users to send encrypted
e-mail to other users. Encrypted e-mail can be decrypted with a password.

F-Secure FileCrypto uses well-known fast block cipher algorithms. Either
the three-key 3DES or the Blowfish algorithm can be selected. Both
algorithms have been analyzed by the world’s leading cryptographers and are
known to be strong and safe.

"Files protected by F-Secure FileCrypto are not accessible to computer
freaks, hackers, or even cryptography experts. Each file is encrypted with
a random session key. Breaking a single key would give someone access to
only one file, and the job would consume trillions of years of computer
time," says Mr. Sars.

F-Secure FileCrypto for Windows NT 4.0 is now available from the Data
Fellows resellers around the world. Central installation and management
features will be implemented in the next release of the product. F-Secure
FileCrypto for Windows 95/98 will be available next year.

About Data Fellows

Data Fellows is one of the world’s leading developers of data security
software. The company’s groundbreaking F-Secure products provide a unique
combination of globally available strong encryption and revolutionary
anti-virus software. The integrated F-Secure software family provides
complete security solutions for enterprises of any size. It includes file
encryption and IPsec communication encryption products, VPN gateways,
SSH-based secure remote management software, easy-to-use solutions for
distributed DNS management, and a full range of anti-virus products for
workstations, servers and gateways. Data Fellows is also the developer of
the award-winning F-PROT Professional anti-virus product, the scanning
engine which is now an integral part of the multiple engine structure of
F-Secure Anti-Virus.   

Data Fellows’ head offices are in San Jose, California, and Helsinki,
Finland. In addition, its offices, partners and VARs offer worldwide
technical support, training and distribution from over 80 countries. Since
the company was founded in 1988, its annual net sales growth has
consistently been nearly 100%. Data Fellows belongs to an elite group of
companies with a triple-A rating from Dun&Bradstreet. The company is
privately owned.  

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