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Free Keynote Webcasts from Symposium/ITxpo 98!

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In this e-mail:
1)  Symposium/ITxpo Online -- free keynote webcasts from Orlando
2)  GartnerGroup analyst presentation webcasts
3)  Symposium/ITxpo 98 - Europe, Japan and Australia still to come

1) Symposium/ITxpo Online - Free keynote webcasts from Symposium/ITxpo
At Symposium/ITxpo 98, in Orlando, Florida October 12-16, the largest,
most strategic event in the industry, the greatest minds in Information
Technology come together to cure confusion about IT issues and clarify
the vision of the future.

GartnerGroup is bringing Symposium/ITxpo to the Internet.  Mark your
calendar and visit Symposium/ITxpo Online at
http://www.gartner.com/symposium between October 12 and 16, 1998.

As a registered user of GartnerGroup Interactive, we are providing
special notice to you of the valuable information that will be
available for free on GartnerGroup Interactive including:

     Keynote interview webcasts
     Select analyst presentation webcasts
     Daily conference highlights
     ITxpo Online - the virtual tradeshow
     Product Education Sessions from leading vendors
     Breaking news and announcements
     Special analysis of hot IT topics & trends

The keynote presentations feature GartnerGroup analysts interviewing
industry leaders such as Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and John Chambers.
They will be presented live and on-demand on GartnerGroup Interactive,
using video webcasting technology (viewed with the Windows Media
Player or RealPlayer).  For a complete schedule of the dates and times
visit http://www.gartner.com/symposium

2)  GartnerGroup analyst presentation webcasts
Select GartnerGroup analyst presentations will be made available free
from Symposium/ITxpo Online.  These presentations combine audio
webcasting technology and the analyst slide presentations.  (Windows
Media Player or Real Player with the slides in .pdf format)

Free session highlights:
     Developing an E-Business Strategy
     Networking Vendor Evaluations:  A Magic Quadrant Compendium
     Collaboration and Groupware Applications
     Network and Systems Management:  Risk vs. Reward

Visit http://www.gartner.com/symposium for the complete list of free
GartnerGroup analyst session webcasts.  In addition to the free
webcasts, over 215 GartnerGroup analyst sessions from Symposium/ITxpo
in Orlando are available for purchase individually or in packages.

3) Symposium/ITxpo 98 -- Europe, Japan and Australia still to come!
Symposium/ITxpo will take place in other locations as well:

Tokyo, Japan		21-23 October, 1998
Brisbane, Australia	28-30 October, 1998
Cannes, France		2-5 November, 1998

To find out more or to register for Symposium/ITxpo 98 in your corner
of the world, visit http://www.gartner.com/symposium

GartnerGroup's Symposium/ITxpo 98 promises to be the best ever.  Visit
GartnerGroup Interactive starting October 12, 1998 and get front row
seats to the event at Symposium/ITxpo Online!