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AD: Stock-Pick Discovers Media Goldmine!!

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Financial Highlights: Triangle Broadcasting, Inc. (OTC BB : GAAY)

Shares Outstanding (Aug 31, 1998) : 19.4 Million Shares
Current Market Capitalization (Current Stock Price of $0.05) - $970,000
Stockholders’ Equity (June 30, 1998) - $2,233,470 - Equity per Share : $0.115

At current stock price of $0.05 we feel this stock to be tremendous BUY 
at these levels.  Currently there are 19.4 million shares outstanding, 
this gives a market capitalization of only $970,000 - a modest 
investment could yield enormous rewards for the investors who entered on 
the ground floor.  At current price levels $1000 would purchase 20,000

"Mark Twain said: "The secret to success is - find out where the people 
are going and get there first".  We feel that Triangle Broadcasting, Inc. 
(OTC BB : GAAY) has followed that adage to a T.	 

Triangle Broadcasting Company, Inc. (OTC BB : GAAY) is launching itself 
to a right future.  They are the first mass media company  to target gays 
and lesbians on a national level.   Successful companies always take one 
step at a time so that they never skip over something important that will 
haunt them in the future.  First, Triangle Broadcasting Company, Inc. did 
extensive surveys.  They found out what were the people's preferences.  
They also figured out what would be the most strategic way to market their 
product and what programs would be received well by both the gay and 
lesbian communities and the mass market.  They set up their programming 
and found what cities they should target first.  Triangle Broadcasting 
Company, Inc. is going to start in 15 cities.  They have chosen 15 cities 
with large gay and lesbian populations.  After they have gained acceptance 
in these markets, they will expand to a national level.  They can already 
be received by over 10,000 stations in the United States and Canada.  
Triangle Broadcasting Company, Inc. will not expand until they have made 
a presence in the markets that they are focusing on. 

Triangle Broadcast Company, Inc. hand-picked it's management 
infrastructure.  They took broadcast executives who had extensive 
knowledge about the industry.  Gay and lesbian nightclub owners were 
brought in to help formulate the programming.  Business advisors help 
with the complexities of running a business.  And last but not least real 
estate people help with the planning of which communities would be their 
first targets.

After all this was set up they contacted advertising executives of major 
companies throughout the United States and Canada.   The response was 
overwhelming.  With all the above factors, and the fact that advertisers 
are already lining up, success is almost inevitable.  This is truly an 
amazing company with nothing but positive opportunities in front of it.

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