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Connect FREE Newsletter October 98

Welcome to Connect Free, and thank you for joining our service. We hope you
find our Second Newsletter informative. September's Newsletter can be
viewed on our web site at the bottom of the FREE Internet page.

FreeServe & Dixons

Now we all know that Free Internet access is going to be the norm very
shortly and users of the Internet like yourselves would like to have
several connections to the Internet from different ISP's and of course you
will choose the service that offers the best performance.

With the launch of Dixons Freeserve service some of our users have taken
the decision to have a second account - great idea.

If you decide to use this service alongside your Connect FREE account
please do not use the CD install that Dixons provide - if you do, then you
may just find that your Connect FREE account will no longer work. It is
possible to configure the Freeserve system manually and then you will be
able to use any
account on your system without problem.


Future Developments

In November, Connect FREE will be able to offer an even better service
because we will have 1Gig of Internet bandwidth for fast access to the
Internet and thousands of modems and lines ensuring that you get a
guaranteed first time connection every time.

We will be spending one million pounds on new equipment, for example new
modem racks, routers and servers. This new equipment will be housed at
Telehouse, London, the main exchange for all UK Internet traffic.

Connect FREE is aiming to be not only the first Internet Service Provider
to offer FREE Internet access in the UK but also to be the Best.


POP3 & SMTP Mail

During November Connect FREE is going to be offering all it's customers
FREE unlimited POP3 e-mail addresses and unlimited aliases to each e-mail


Free Web Space

During December we plan to offer all our Connect FREE customers, FREE web


Proxy Server

Connect FREE does not have a Proxy Server. If you find that you can connect
to the Connect FREE service but you cannot view any web pages the
likelihood is that you have the Proxy Server setting *Ticked* in your browser
configuration. This can happen if you put another Internet Service
Providers software onto your PC and the automatic configuration will enable
this setting.


News Server

The automatic news configuration routine on our website does not work for
everybody. If you have problems using this facility then we suggest you
set-up News manually using something like Outlook Express. Our News Server
address is:  news.connectfree.net


Change of Details

If you need to change your personal details i.e. email address etc, then
you will soon be able to do this via a web page on the Connect FREE website.


Information Line

If you do need to contact Connect FREE by phone or email please ensure that
you provide your LoginID & Password with every communication.



Connect FREE would like to hear from you, if there is any way in which you
think we could improve our service to you, or add more content to the
Connect FREE website.

It is Connect FREE policy not to send unwanted rubbish by e-mail or junk
advertising by any other means. All we ask is that you receive our monthly
newsletter informing you of any changes to the service and any new service
that may come available which you may benefit from.

Contact us at [email protected] or Telephone 0702 115 2525

No Catches, No Gimmicks, Just Connect FREE