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The guitar video everybodies talking about

     Just wanted to drop you a note to let you about my
Video "Steelin' from the Steel",. If your anything like me, 
your always looking for something new that will help you spice up
your playing and phrasing without too much effort, make you 
a better player...This is the video for you!!!! This video easily
fills up your" bag of licks" with phrases that will make you a much
more creative musician, than by learning a bunch of penatonic
blues scales which have been taught into the ground.
   This video is by far the most interesting guitar instruction available.
I sat down in the studio with one of the greatest L.A. tele players
around. I'm on pedal steel and I proceeded to play all the interesting 
sounds on the steel guitar and Mike on tele plays them EXACT
and explains how to play them. The sounds coming off his 
guitar and the new ideas that can come from these chord
bends will open up some serious musical doors for you.
We go through bends, fills, intros and licks galore...
    For the beginer to advanced player, very easy concepts to
pick up and use in any style of music. It's nice to know
you can easily become a much more creative musician
with just a little effort and "Steelin' from the Steel."
    If your interested just click the link below and it will take you to 
my page offering the Video...I appreciate your time and till we
meet out on the road....Gotta keep pickin'....Kevin