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Re: Use encryption to foil spooks' data harvesting, says US statedept

and how about some innocuous words/phases that might cause apoplexy

i talk to the pillow (PLO) every night

i was there doing ... with ..., i wish.  <insert name> was dead on his feet

it goes on.

I like the encryption bit.  Season your conversations with encryption and
they won't find the wood for the trees.  Who actually needs encryption in
this case.  Everyone can just put the word encryption into every
conversation every other sentence.
Miles of recording tape, (bytes of memory, whatever) just stuffed with
inane conversation with a few select phrases.

[email protected] on 15/10/98 14:20:26

To:   Richard Bragg/UK/SSA_EUROPE
Subject:  Re: Use encryption to foil spooks' data harvesting, says US

GOOD that did not bounce... Over the last few days my imho mail
bounced..  mostly from some DNS, and mail server problems since I made
some changes... (at my office who is at this point my mail hub... hehe
it is fun to be the SA)

OK words or phrases that can be used.
Kill Destroy
Vice President
First Lady
hate if used correctly
missile ( I am sure it is in the list if used correctly )
Nerve gas
lets see should I go on or do you have the idea..
Here is a hint...  I was talking with a friend one day a computer geek
himself and we mentioned the word encryption and started talking about
said stuff...  Well after that word was aid we here a clicking type
noise in the background??? HUMMMMMMMMM  we change the subject and after
some time talking it goes away we say encryption and it came back....


               Go figure.
               - lhe