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Ooops, didn't save? FlashBack!


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Dear Valued Aladdin Customer,

It's not often that a whole new kind of software gets discovered.
These days, it seems like products on the market span numerous
technology areas with many different functions without really being
helpful at all. The number of really new and exciting software that
gets released has just about disappeared.

Announcing: Aladdin FlashBack, an easy and fast way to protect your
files! Faster than backups, safer and easier than file recovery.
Document and data protection has never been as easy or automatic.

Aladdin introduces the POWER of Unlimited Undos:

Use Aladdin FlashBack and discover the power of virtually unlimited
Undos. Sound impossible? FlashBack tracks the changes made to a file
every time you hit Save. It's easy to recover from accidental changes
even after you've quit your application, turned your computer off and
gone home. If you FlashBacked your document, at any time in the
future, you can retrieve that exact version as fast as you can
double-click. (FlashBack keeps up to 999 versions of each file!)

This week only! You can purchase Aladdin's electronic version of
FlashBack for the amazingly low price of only $9.95 (an incredible
SAVINGS OF OVER 80%!!). Don't wait! Easy and safe online ordering and
electronic delivery is available through Aladdin's online store,
Digital River at:  http://www.digitalriver.com/Aladdin/FBKpc

FlashBack a file and you're protected against accidental deletion,
file corruption, even from hitting the Save key and overwriting your
file. Aladdin FlashBack is a whole new way to safeguard your important

"...as a safety net for your data, it's unique and indispensable."
-PC Magazine Online

That's right, FlashBack recovers not only lost or damaged files, but
also previous versions of files that you changed, even if you made
the changes months ago.

"FlashBack makes saving and tracking files easy, and makes crashes
less painful by reducing the chances of your data getting permanently

Works on any file:

FlashBack tracks only the documents you want, and works with any
application you use. From word processing to graphics programs, web
design, databases and spreadsheets: FlashBack is compatible with any
application that Saves documents!

Instant file recovery:

Restore any file you've protected with FlashBack just by pointing
and clicking. With FlashBack you're just seconds away from recovery.

Save Disk Space:

With FlashBack, you can keep multiple versions of your important
files without gobbling up megabytes of disk space. FlashBack makes
only one complete copy of your current file. Previous versions are
tracked through "diff" files. Diff files are small files that contain
just the changes, or differences, between one version and the next.
The result? You can save five, ten, twenty or more versions of a file
and still take up less room than you would by hitting Save As just a
couple of times!

Time & Date Stamping:

FlashBack time and date stamps every version so you can easily
recover the exact version you're looking for.

Quick & Easy:

To FlashBack a file just drop the file into the FlashBack
application. To restore a file, just drag it out of FlashBack or
double-click, that's it! FlashBack will instantly recover your file
exactly the way it was when you saved it. FlashBack will protect both
local and networked documents, and can update files either each time
you save or at specified times: by any combination of minutes, hours
or days.

What would you pay to recover just one document that was lost,
damaged, or accidentally overwritten? I know that I have lost days,
not hours, recreating work that disappeared when I hit the Save key
without thinking.

Remember, for ONE WEEK ONLY you can purchase Aladdin's electronic
version of FlashBack for the amazingly low price of only $9.95
(regularly $49.95).

Don't wait! This is a special introductory price that will expire.
Its list price is $99.95, and the price for FlashBack, even for
Aladdin customers, will be going up soon.

Visit our online store today to get your copy of the best new
software of the year. You are, as always, covered by Aladdin's "no
questions asked" 30 day money-back guarantee.

Order Aladdin FlashBack for the insanely low introductory price
of $9.95, and give your data the kind of protection you've always
wished it could have: easy, automatic and hassle-free.

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Jonathan Kahn
Founder & President
Aladdin Systems