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IMPORTANT! Fwd: Social Engineering & C68


My name is Jean-Francois Avon.

Almost all of you who will read this message know me personnally.

I forward this message to you for I believe that it is of *great*
importance.  The message discuss things that *will* affect your life in one
way or another. PLEASE take the time to read it.

The implications of what is discussed in this document will affect


Jean-Francois Avon

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>Subject: Social Engineering & C68

Let me begin by commenting I know this is not a 'chat' digest, but the
question was raised here about Quebec/Maritime involvement if fighting
C68 [the new firearms registration bill].  To be fair, there is quite a bit
of work being done by individuals, but government is mute down there, and
for ecomonic reasons, must be.

The reluctance or simply because the populance had no personal arms of
men and women to fight back when their wives, children, possessions etc.
were  being taken away is however, as in Nazi Germany and Kosovo today,
is, I suggest, a major plank in Social Engineering of a Society.

>From this point I will probably be branded as a "radical'.  So be it.  I
am educated in Engineering and Philosophy, the former teaches system and
the latter teaches thinking on, I would argue, another scale.

The new so called 'Global' economy will, and already has, caused major
social upheaval.  People who were middle class a few short years ago are
now on the streets or almost there due to the relocaction of work to
countries with a lower wage scale. Mexico, India, two of which I have
first hand knowledge, the wages are less than %10 of North American

Workers and management both were'are being 'let go', out of a source of
income.  The stock market was inundated with large sums of cash, the
source was the money paid to let go people, their severance package.
Hence, the inflated price of shares, which the market is just now
correcting, to the detriment of retirement payouts from Mutual Fund to
these laid off workers.  Their future is bleak, to put it mildly.
Farmers must be, by international trade laws, cut off from government
support and assistannce, to give an example, hog and milk subsidies.
So they face a bleak future in Canada.  Quebec fought hard for Free
Trade, until the dairy and hog farmers read the fine print.  Now we had
a milk strike, annd as I write, the hog farmers in Quebec are raising

Jean Francois Avon wrote in response to my earlier diatribe on
Jews/Kosovians(I hope he copied this Digest) that Quebec Separatists
would be afraid of an armed populace.  I suggest he is correct.
So too are the federal and eastern Canadian provincial governments
afraid of guns in the hands of civilians.  They see them as weapons
which could be used against them and the establishment as the economy
changes and more and more middle class people, farmers, fishermen and
former managers reach the lower ranks of income and living conditions.

In Canada, we rank social standing by job/income/education to do a job.
We rated fur trappers at the bottom, because it payed poorly and
required little formal education to perform.

Tie in to Bill C68?  Well, Allan Rock let the cat out of the bag. When
he was briefed after becoming Minister of Justice, it was explained to
him that the program to disarm civilians began when Free Trade/Global
Economy talks were in their early stages, was running behind shedule.
In his jubulance, determined to 'get the job done', where Mulroney had
slowed down after an aggressive start, he blurted out the program on
live TV. 'Only police and the military should have guns'.

In the opinion of the various goverments, including Quebec, Ottawa and
some provinces, the program must be complete, and must be completed
soon.  Farmers, as they lose their farms to financial institutions,
fishermen, as they lose thier boats, certain interests in Quebec as they
lose everything due to separation, may fight back.  It is therefore
critical that they do not have access to arms, as a means of defence or

The War Measures act is gone, replaced.  A legal means had to be
manufactured to remove guns from the people.  Hence, C68 is a good
beginning.  It allows confiscation of any firearms so deemed by the
incumbent government later on.  No, my friends, Ottawa is not stupid,
this is a well thought out plan, and appears to be working, as they use
mass media on the population, to change public opinion to their side,
i.e., guns are dangerous especially to women and children.  In fact,
firearms in the hands of civilians are dangerous, but to repressive
governments from a displaced populace.  As more and more Canadians find
everything they worked for threatened, some MIGHT fight back, and shoot
the Bailiff's from the Banks and the police sent to protect them when
they re-possess their property and throw them, literally, on the
streets, on into their relatives homes.

Registration? Use of the harsh Criminal Code, jail, for
non-compliance??  Necessary, in Ottawa's view.  Get the job begun
earlier finished, then they can go on the the greater plan, more relaxed
when people have no means of defence or rebellion.
When you live on the streets, there is no place to hide a gun.  Not to
sound trite, but this will test 'unsafe storage' laws to the limit.

If the Supreme Court judges have been properly briefed on the Social
Engineering aspects of C68, we do not have a chance in Hell in the
courts. Then, we will have a search and seizure, after 2003, to actively
find and confiscate unregistered and illegal (by now) guns on farms, in
houses, examples made in the Press of a few, and the game is over.

Is this gloom and doom from me, or a realistic analysis of the
situation?  You decide, but at least think about it from a broader angle
than simply telling Ottawa how many, the serial number and storage place
of your firearms today.

We need only to look at the history of Scotland to see Quebec today and
the ROC tomorrow.  And C68 plays a huge role in this.

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