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ADV: U.S. Patent Office Grants Patent On QPI's Breakthrough

U.S. Patent Office Grants Patent
On QPI's Breakthrough
PhotoMotion Multi-Imaging Technology

Quik Pix Inc. Buena Park, CA (OTCBB SYMBOL: QPIX) announced today that the Company has been granted the Patent on a breakthrough technology, PhotoMotion Multi-Imaging.  QPI is a company specializing in high quality photographic imaging and visual marketing technologies.

The Patent just awarded covers the technology enabling QPI to combine three or more images into a single color transparency that, as if by magic, changes as the astonished viewer moves past the image.  The image moves with the viewer.  The illusion is optical and requires no special equipment or other mechanism to create this mystical effect.

PhotoMotion Multi-Imaging Technology images combined with text or graphics readily fit into existing light box fixtures creating a visual presentation that is so amazing and distinct that PhotoMotion stands to revolutionize the imaging for most backlit advertising displays used in tradeshows, point of purchase locations, foot traffic venues, etc.

Mr. John Capie, QPI President, said, "Everyone who sees PhotoMotion is very enthusiastic.  The responses from advertisers, marketers, and photo industry people have been very positive.  This is going to be a photographic milestone."

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This news release includes forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties, including risks associated with the company's: (1) entry into new markets and development and introduction of new products; and (2) the company's need to finance costs related thereto. Actual results may vary from those projected or implied by such statements. 

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