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Offering 50,000 African American Email Addresses . .

Email up to 50,000 African-American Consumers

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Also . . . Email 4,000 Black business owners and entrepreneurs
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Do you have a product or service of interest to African-Americans on the Internet?
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We have a database of well over 50,000 email addresses of
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We also offer a email list of 4,000 African American entreprenuers and
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These pre-screened email addresses are compiled on 3.5" diskettes in
standard "DBASE IV" and "TEXT" format which are universally compatible
with email merge programs like CyberMailer Pro and word processing
programs. All you need to do is import the list into an email merge
program which will automatically email everyone on the list. It
couldn't be easier or more efficient.

Email up to 50,000 African-Americans immediately!

50,000 AA Email Addresses -   $99.95
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BSB Publishing Co.
151 First Avenue - #225
New York, NY 10003

All orders are shipped C.O.D.
$10.00 - Priority Mail Shipping
$12.00 - Overnight Shipping