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Manage your Assets, Simplify your Life---- Extensis Portfolio 4.0

Introducing the Newest Version of our Asset Management
Software-Extensis Portfolio 4.0

- Organize your assets -images, text, photos, multimedia- for
- NEW! Import information from other databases
- NEW! Robust scripting now facilitates database and internet publishing
- NEW! Slideshow feature provides full-screen display of images
- NEW! Scalability with Portfolio Server 4.0 ensures lightening-fast
access for workgroups

Extensis Portfolio 4.0 and Portfolio Server 4.0 will help you manage and
organize your digital assets.  Digital assets include digital images,
artwork, presentations, multimedia, photos, or other graphic documents
that need to be organized and shared.

Extensis Portfolio 4.0 offers you a place to catalog, view, manage,
select, search and even share digital content among multiple users. 
Find the images you need, find them fast, share them with partners
around the globe all through your network or the Web with NEW
Portfolio 4.0 and Portfolio Server 4.0.

Create database fields that match your business with Portfolio's
unlimited custom fields.  Then, import your assets from other databases
for a centralized asset management system. With Portfolio's advanced
searching features, you will never hunt-and-peck for your images again.
And with Portfolio's built-in scripting you can automate regular tasks,
such as Internet and database publishing-in no time.

Portfolio 4.0 is the only scalable solution that allows you to start
with as few as one user (using the stand-alone client software) and add
more users (by adding additional clients; without requiring a server) as
your needs grow. 

For larger workgroups, the NEW Portfolio Server 4.0 will enable dozens
of users to access your assets without a loss of performance. Portfolio
Server can be inserted into a workgroup at any time, without the need to
replace the existing Portfolio 4.0 client (single-user) versions. 

Plus, the NEW Portfolio Server 4.0 arrives with 5 free copies of
Portfolio 4.0- a  value.

Streamline your work, build your assets, and simplify your life-Extensis
Portfolio 4.0

To download a FREE demo, get information, or to buy on-line, visit 
Or call Extensis at 1(800) 796-9798 Ext. 404 or (503) 274-2020 Ext. 404.

Portfolio 4.0  System Requirements: 
Mac OS 7.5.3 - 8.5
PowerPC, 32 MB of RAM
Windows 95, 98 or NT 4.0
Pentium, 32 MB of RAM 

Portfolio Server 4.0 System Requirements
Win NT 4.0, Pentium, 32 MB RAM
Macintosh version available late 1998

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P.P.S. This message is intended for North American customers.  If you
are located outside of North America and have received this message,
please visit  www.extensis.com/purchase/ to find the nearest local
distributor in your country.