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---Diederik Smets <[email protected]> wrote:
> IF the owner of the id also entered an internet password AND it is
the same
> as the one for the id file, then you can use brute force
(dictionairies) to
> try and crack it. Get the encrypted value in the
> properties>fields>HTTPPassword of the persons document in the PNAB and
> compare it to the results of the @password() function.
> Alternatively, do a search for old id files which might still be
> with the 'default' password (if you know which one that is), but you
> be able to access servers that have the 'check password' option
> If you need to access a local DB that has 'enforce a consistant ACL
> all replicas' enabled, just use another id and add that person's
name with
> the necessary roles to the ACL via LotusScript.
> Diederik
> Hello
>      I'm using lotus notes and I have a big problem. I have a id
file with
> no
> password. How can I get a password for it or reset it. Is there some
> of
> utility or something someone knows of?I have been told that I'm out
of luck
> unless I have the original.
> John...

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