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Do you know what the number one factor is, that will determine whether your business is a
success or not?  ADVERTISING!  Effective conventional advertising is quite expensive.  So
what do you do?  Direct email is one of, if not thee most effective method of advertising in 
the 90's.  You can get your ad out to hundreds of thousands, even millions, for only a fraction of 
the cost of traditional advertising.  The wave of future advertising is here, don't miss it.  We
will send your advert for you.  We have gone through painstaking methods to insure that we
have the the most quality lists on the Internet.  We send your ad for your, all you have to do
is create it.

250,000 addresses - $199
350,000 addresses - $250
500,000 addresses - $350
1 million addresses - $700 (HALLOWEEN SPECIAL 1 MILLION ONLY $500, OFFER

For advertising to 3 million or more ask about our special rates.

For more information or to place an ad call us at (702) 294-7769 between the hours of 
11 am - 3 pm Pacific. Mon-Fri.