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Jim Bell Update

Forward No. 1 (11/30/98):

Jim has been back in the Seattle/Tacoma jail for about a week & 1/2, 
after a stop-over in Oklahoma City.   Not doing much, but is glad to be 
back because he likes the food better and he has things to do, unlike 
in Springfield.

He doesn't know what the schedule is for his stay at this point, except 
that there is an attempt to impose more time to his sentence, which he 
says by the time they accomplish anything in court he will have fulfilled 

He requests once again that anyone who would like to help him research
the names/addresses of people he thinks are involved in the surveillance 
efforts against him, to please contact him.

His address again is:

	James Bell #26906086
    Federal Detention Center
    P.O. Box 68976
    Seattle WA 98168


Forward No. 2 (11/30/98):

After spending several weeks in Oklahoma, then several more in 
Springfield, MO, a shrink interviewed Jim for a total of six hours, and 
said he could find nothing wrong that they could help with.  After 
several more weeks in Springfield, it was back to Oklahoma, for a 
couple more weeks, and now he is finally back at Sea-Tac.

He reports that the prosecutor is asking for 9 months for violation 
of parole, which would mean Jim might be released in 3 months.  
He is on Prozac and seems in pretty good spirits.  Opinions seem