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Re: Securing data in memory (was "Locking physical memory (fwd)

lcs Mixmaster Remailer wrote:
> Most PCs today are not well balanced architecturally.  They should
> really have a couple hundred megabytes of memory.  Memory is cheap
> enough today that this can be added, but the motherboard configuration
> may limit the amount.  If you had this much memory, swapping to disk
> would be a smaller problem.

Unless you're running NT. I have a box with NT server and 256MB RAM, and
I'm pretty sure about 100MB of that has never seen any data. The disk
still rattles away, even though the machine is typically left switched
on. For example, if you run Word, log out, then run Word again, it still
seems to go for the disk. 

Frank O'Dwyer.