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Re: Matt Blaze arrested???

At 10:19 PM -0800 12/1/98, Eric Cordian wrote:
>A Disposable Hotmail Account writes:
>> According to the report a Bell Labs mathematician named
>> Blaze was arrested at the O'Hare airport today, in some
>> kind of FBI sting operation.
>Who are you?
>While the originating IP of this message is owned by Bell Labs,
>I find it surprising that a story of this magnitude is nowhere to
>be found on the various wire services.
>Can anyone confirm or deny this report?  Color me suspicious.

I'm more than suspicious....the thing is written in a spoof motif.

On the other hand, remember how several of us were apparently "warned" (in
the threatening sense) by the Internal Revenue Service by weird forwardings
of our messages and by pre-announcement of Jim Bell's arrest?

Maybe someone from the State Department is pulling the same trick.

If so, Matt still has enough time to lock and load.....

--Tim May

"I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, just the way the President did."
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