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Re: Matt Blaze arrested???

>Date: Wed, 02 Dec 1998 11:36:51 -0500
>From: Matt Blaze <[email protected]>
>I'm afraid you're confused.  Whoever this report was about, it
>wasn't me:
>* I'm not at Lucent Bell Labs. (I'm at AT&T Shannon Labs.)  I'm not
>  aware of any other Blaze at either AT&T or Lucent, however.
>* I'm not a mathematician. (I'm a computer scientist.)
>* I've not been to ORD, or any other midwestern airport,
>  since August.  (I do fly a lot, though).
>* I never been arrested.  (I did accently set off the antitheft
>  detector at a local bookstore once, but they let me go
>  when I showed them my reciept).  

Thanks for clarifying this!  I'm very sorry to have
started an unfounded rumor but I'm glad to know
that you haven't been arrested.  Thankfully, it looks like
everyone assumed that I was just making this up, so I hope
no serious damage was done and that the rumor didn't spread.

That said, there <*was*> a radio report.  It was on WBEZ 91.5
last night, and, as I said, I only heard the last part of the
report.  It was a news report about an arrest made at the
O'Hare airport for something involving mathematics
and foreign governments.  I was almost 100% sure they
said it was Blaze of Bell Labs who was arrested, but
I guess it possible that I misheard.  Perhaps they were
quoting you or talking about you for some other reason.
I remember that someone at bell labs (you???) had some problems
with export authorities a few years ago, and maybe this is what
they were talking about?

Anyway, has anyone heard any more about this story, now that
we know it wasn't Matt Blaze who was arrested?

Humble Apologies,


PS I'm using a non-work account because I work for a
large Chicagoland company that does some crypto business
and I <*do not*> want to be seen as representing them on the
cypherpunks list.  Some of the work they do goes against
cypherpunk (and my own) goals, and I'd rather not have
people think I'm speaking for them.

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