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Re: Fwd: FC: Gun groups take aim at new FBI database (fwd)

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> Date: Thu, 03 Dec 1998 11:01:25 +0100
> From: "Albert P. Franco, II" <[email protected]>
> Subject: Re: Fwd: FC: Gun groups take aim at new FBI database

> Some of the following statements do not (in my recollection) apply to those
> in California... 
> >
> >The following statements are true:
> >
> >It is legal to own a car without a driver's license or vehicle registration.
> In CA only "junk" cars can be unregistered. An unregistered car on private
> property can be cited under a long list of circumstances. 

Only if they can see it. Otherwise they'd need to execute a warrant to even
find it.

Park it in a garage or a niche in the backyard, problem solved.

> >No permission is required to purchase a car and felons, the mentally ill,
> >children, aliens and those guilty of misdemeanor domestic violence offenses
> >can buy cars and most of the above can drive cars on public streets and
> roads.
> I do believe that there are some legal restrictions for children purchasing
> cars...

There are legal restrictions on children buying anything. Technicaly the
sale isn't final without a guardians signature as co-signatory of the bill
of sale.

> >You are not required to report the purchase of a car to anyone.  
> Since every car in CA MUST be registered, every change of ownership must be
> reported. If you do not you are subject to a fine. They give you ten days
> to report the transfer of ownership.

In most states the time limit and further instructions are on the vehicle
license. If you buy it via a loan then other terms may apply.

> >It is legal to drive a car on public streets and roads in the US with a
> >license from any jurisdiction on earth.
> Only for a limited period of time in CA...

Unless it's an international license that is recognized by the US this isn't
true. Simply having a drivers license from England, for example, won't allow
you to drive a vehicle in any of the states anymore than your CA license
will let you drive legaly there.

> >It is legal to drive a car on public streets and roads in the US that is
> >registered in other states or nations.
> Not if the owner is a resident of CA, and again only for a limited period
> of time.

Actualy as long as the owner isn't a resident (not the driver) and doesn't
stay in whatever state over some period set by the legislature then it is
permissible. In a lot of states it is between 30-90 days.

I'd bet the limit in CA is the residence time limit. I rather doubt that
anyone staying in CA 11 days automaticaly becomes a resident with a right
to vote in state elections and such.

> >It is legal to drive a car on public streets and roads in the US that is
> >owned by and registered to any person or legal entity.
> >
> >Legal entities can own and register cars and permit anyone they like to
> >drive them.
> >
> But they assume all the liability and even possible criminal consequences
> for letting unlicensed persons drive the car.

It depends on the insurance limitations. My Bronco II is technicly
uninsured, and therefore illegal to drive, unless I am the driver.

In some cases even if the driver is licensed the owner still assumes
liability. At least here in Texas irrespective of who is driving the vehicle,
the owner is ultimately responsible for the vehicle. So if you loan it to
cousin Bippy and he has a wreck and runs away guess who gets to go to court
on leaving-the-scene charges. Now if you roll on Bippy the situation may

> >Note that if we regulated guns like driving, the above would mean that you
> >could buy and use a gun on your own property without licensing,
> >registration or reporting.
> NOT in CA...

Move to Texas. You can still drive your unregistred, uninspected vehicle on
your own property at your own speed and have wrecks at your convenience
(within the constraints of your deed restrictions of course). Way too many
bubba's still live in Texas for this sort of stuff to go over at all.

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