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Surf the Web 20-Times Faster

Dear RealPlayer User,

Want to speed up your Internet connection without 
purchasing a new modem? Tired of long-download times 
and network problems? 

For a limited time, RealNetworks invites you to 
download PeakJet 2000-which can speed your web surfing 
up to 20-times faster-for only $14.95!

Read on, or download now:

=>  http://www.realstore.com/specials/onesurfing.html

How does it work? PeakJet's technology automatically 
learns from your browsing habits. While you read through 
a page, PeakJet 2000 intelligently works behind the scenes 
and preloads and freshens links according to your interests. 
When you click, the next page appears almost instantly. All 
you do is download PeakJet 2000 and start surfing at 
lightening speed!

PeakJet 2000 also offers these great benefits:

   - Speeds Web surfing up to 20-times faster without 
     requiring a new modem-and works with any modem speed.
   - Maximizes idle modem time; intelligently preloads pages 
     while you go about your normal browsing. 
   - Economizes bandwidth by devoting cache to your favorite 
     links or frequently visited Web pages.
   - Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

PeakJet 2000 was awarded a 5-star rating by ZDNet.
For a limited time, it is only $14.95 - the lowest
price for PeakJet 2000 anywhere! 

To download now, visit:

=>   http://www.realstore.com/specials/twosurfing.html

Thank you for continuing to use RealNetworks products.

Maria Cantwell
Senior Vice President
RealNetworks, Inc.
Seattle, WA  USA


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