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Re: y2k/gary north delusions

Michal Hohensee wrote:
> Igor Chudov @ home wrote:
> > 
> > Petro wrote: 
> > >       Ok, so let's cut that back to what we _need_. First off, we don't
> > > dump our dish water down the drain, it gets "recycled" to flush the
> > > toilets.
> > 
> > get them to shit outside.
> > 
> Bad bad bad bad bad bad *bad* idea.  This might be ok in the Russian
> countryside, or any other countryside, but it an *excessively* bad thing
> in just about any modern city.  If running water fails to run in the
> cities, and people do as you suggest, and take their business outside,
> it will not be long before tremendous numbers of people get sick and
> die.  What with the high concentrations that people live in in most
> cities, I expect that this'd make the Black Death look like a mild case
> of the flu.

Like I said, someone would need to build a latrine. That's all that's

	- Igor.