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export of printed crypto [Was Re:Wassenaar Statement]

The PGP source code is open, published in book form and
this gets stronger 1st amendment protection.

US crypto companies have also read the relevant portions
of the EAR. Yet, none, to my knowledge, have tried this.

Would any attorney reading the list care to comment?
The EAR clearly states that printed crypto is not subject
to the EAR whether the material is publically disseminated
or not.

Anyway, about one second after somebody did this another extra- 
constitutional "emergency" executive order would prohibit it.


>In the United States, it is currently legal to export any cryptographic
>software you like - as long as it is in printed form.  This is because
>of fears of violating the First Amendment.  Not all countries have such
>strong conventions for protecting the printed word.

>PGP source code is being exported in printed form, scanned in overseas,