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Re: Streams, Voice, and Sensitive Dependence

>On Fri, 4 Dec 1998, Michael Motyka wrote:
>> > http://www.starium.com
>> > 14.4 modem, awsome sound quality, 2048 bit DH, 3DES.
>> The web site is pretty sparse. No wonder I couldn't find them before - I
>> was looking for "Starion" a while back. I'll call them next week -
>> they're practically local. What's the approximate price?
>The company used to be called Comsec. http://www.comsec.com/ They've
>expanded and are working on the next revision of the product. The old
>version was $750 each. The new version will be a lot less expensive. When
>you call, ask for Eric Blossom. (831) 333-9393  x12

While I was explaining the GSP8191's features to an engineer a few weeks
back he ask whether anyone had thought of how to do secure conferencing via
analog technology. I've never seen such a device. I wonder if such a thing
is practical given the limitations of modem protocols. Certainly one could
use a specialized digital device to join the clear analog channels, but
then you have to all trust this device and that's not been compromised
(anothre MITM).