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pgp disk

>At 03:05 AM 12/5/98 +0100, Anonymous wrote about some new product:
>>If the source code isn't available, don't trust it. That's a good general
>Where is the source for pgpfone?

Good question. That's why I wouldn't use it either. (I haven't had reason to
use it, so 'll take Anonymous's word that source isn't available.)

If people want to release software like this, they need a better argument
for its security than "Trust us, it's secure." 

Considering that there is no net loss when developers of such a product
release source code so that people can look it over and compile it
themselves, I don't have any reason to trust such software.

Aren't McAfee and PGP Inc. members of KRAP and promoting Big Brother Inside?
I've lost track.