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Re: What was the quid pro quo for Wassenaar countries?

As Karl Marx said also, "Democracy is a slow form of communism." 
That's why the forfathers decided to make us a republic, something
many have forgotten.  

---HyperReal-Anon <[email protected]> wrote:
> "Phillip Hallam-Baker" <[email protected]> writes
>    John Gilmore may be right, but remember folks that in Europe we
>    have this thing the Greeks invented called democracy. One of the
>    ideas of democracy is that decisions are not made in secret closed
>    meetings.
> Yes, and people democratically demand government enforcement of the
> majority will, something made more difficult if the subjects have
> strong cryptography.
> As Donn Parker observed several years ago, strong cryptography is
> inconsistent with democracy.  (Published in Scientific American ---
> reference on request.)
> John Gilmore <[email protected]> writes
>    Some countries actually seem to care what their citizens think
>    about their crypto laws, unlike the shining example of democracy,
>    the USSA.  And when we educate the citizens, they tend to make the
>    right choices.  Let's keep trying.
> But don't educate them too much, or they will understand that
> cryptography can set people free, and if people were free there would
> be no political government, and if there were no political government
> their social security checks would stop coming, along with all their
> other government ``benefits''.

Ogre bounces like sonar. . .Peace.

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