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RE: tyranny of corporations (was: Corporate Nations)

From Steve Schear:

The solution to hyperindividualism isn't regulation (which can be blunted or co-opted by those with the bucks) but allowing those below to profitably advance at the expense of those at the top. Dynamic equilibrium in a new marketplace. Sort of like the way Klingons get field rank advancements.
What do you mean, Steve, "at the expense of those at the top"?   (I'm not aware of how the Klingons get their field rank advancements).
Also, this image of hyperindividualism doesn't seem right.  I would think such an extreme degree of individualism would exclude much involvement with others, meaning they could not run corporations, because for a business to exist requires involvement in providing a service/product to the largest numbers of the population as possible,  and they can only do this if this large mass of people see the value of, and accept, in preference to the offerings of the competition, what that particular corporation offers. 
I imagine a hyperindividual more as an independent contractor working "alone".