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RE: What was the quid pro quo for Wassenaar countries?

I wonder what effect the Wassenaar politics have to non-member countries
of that agreement and how much those other countries support these US
crypto regulations? As I understand Wassenaar is mostly meant for export
of dual-use goods, not so much internal use although that is somewhat
regulated also. If that is the case, we still have many countries left
producing strong cryptography which can export it pretty freely. That is a
great export potential for those countries, only US used to be out of the
world crypto software market, now that there are 22 other countries, it is
just great news.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania fortunately are not members of the Wassenaar
agreement. And then we have places like most of Asia, Africa and South

Jyri Kaljundi
[email protected]
AS Stallion Ltd