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Re: linux-gpib licensing (fwd)

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On 01-Dec-98 Claus Schroeter wrote:
>On Tue, 1 Dec 1998, James Minyard wrote:
>> I was wondering if you would consider changing the license for the
>> libgpib portion of the linux-gpib distribution from GPL to LGPL.
I'd like to register my thoughts here.

I believe the best model to how the GPL can work is how Apache and IBM handled
it.  IBM wanted to include the server with a system, they were willing to pay
but there was no one to pay, in the end, they paid with the only currency that
would work, namely, IBM added some code to the Apache server and was allowed to
inlude it with their system.

Stick with GPL.  No one should be able to sell the work of another person as his
own, with GPL, one is assured that the cost of using a code is merely that of
returning improvements to the code.

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