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Re: What was the quid pro quo for Wassenaar countries?

John Young wrote:

> Peter Gutmann may be close to the truth about Echelon's role
> in the Wassenaar changes.
> The NYT reports today that the US is proposing to NATO a
> combined intelligence center to combat use of Weapons of Mass
> Destruction by rogue states and non-state terrorists like Usama
> Bin Laden.


> The NYT has been running a series on how long the TLAs and military
> have been tracking Usama Bin Laden (at least since 1991, maybe longer).
> It appears that if he did not exist he would have to be invented for the
> counterterrorism agenda. It's even possible that Bin Laden is their invention,
> cultivated, strung along, not arrested, for that purpose. The African bombings
> were probably preventable, and it will be interesting if Congress lets this
> possibility go uninvestigated.

It is a matter of record that the CIA vastly overestimated the wherewithal of the
former Soviet military, much less economy. Was this done on purpose to justify
opening the Capitol floodgates to float the USS United States, flagship of the
lone superpower?

Today's justification; third world sand fleas lighting paperbags full of dogshit
and ringing the doorbell. Can't have pranksters disturbing our good neighborhood.
Don't let children play with matches, and the US will organize the neighborhood

Meanwhile, the earth warms, storms ravage the tropics, glaciers recede, permafrost
defrosts, icebergs the size of Delaware calve and castoff, and the warm earth
sheds it's ozone like a sweater. Yeah, let's spend millions on Usama Bin Laden.
Who's the captain of this fuckin' ship of fools? How do you spell democracy?