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Re: I Got Mine

What are those books?


Duncan Frissell wrote:
> At 08:39 PM 12/3/98 -0800, Blanc wrote:
> >(Yes, but how do you actually respond to a real
> >live representative standing at your door (they showed me their Batches),
> to a
> >real-live situtation when you are taken to a little room and asked to strip
> >("asked"?) at the airport?)   
> I was discussing this very question with the inamorata of a member of this
> list recently in San Jose.  We were trying to figure out why I knew
> instinctively what to say when confronted with government agents and she
> didn't (though she is an attorney).  I figured out that it was because I
> read Heinlein.  He taught a lot about how to respond to these things.
> Those who haven't read Heinlein (or don't learn from books) won't know what
> to say.  And in these high stress situations, answers which you have
> thought about in advance or conducted mental simulations with will come out
> more easily.  
> You say - "Go away."  "Write me a letter."  "I only deal with government
> agents via my lawyer."  "Where's Your Warrant."  Or how about -- "My
> lawyer's name is X, I have officially informed you that I am represented by
> counsel and thus you cannot question me without counsel being present."
> When they write a letter, you handle it the way Rumpole of the Baily
> handled those letters from the Inland Revenue.  You throw it away.
> Some years ago at 5000 Bonny Doone Road Santa Cruz, CA an IRS agent rang
> the bell outside the gate in the fence of the reinforced concrete house
> owned by Robert Anson Heinlein.  He wanted to talk.  Heinlein said "go
> away" "write a letter."  The Agent said "you're not going to make me drive
> all the way back to San Jose, are you?"  Heinlein said "Yes."
> You don't have to talk to government agents -- even if they arrest you.
> Saying "No" and "Go Away" is short and easy to say.  
> >And above all else, beyond being
> >symbolically defiant, I would first aim for being Real.   It can be the
> hardest
> >thing to do, stand your ground and be calm and real.
> Just Say No.

	- Igor.