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Re: Building crypto archives worldwide to foil US-built Berlin Walls (fwd)

Jim Choate writes:
> > The US Wassenaar initiative is an attempt to deny the public not only
> > all future strong crypto developments, but all existing ones.  As
> > today's message from Denmark makes clear, the freedom-hating
> > bureaucrats are threatening to prosecute a citizen merely for
> > publishing PGP on his web page.
> And this is different from yesterday how?

What's different is that this is Denmark now.  Before it was just the

> > Let's at least ensure that they don't eliminate *today's* strong
> > crypto, by replicating crypto archives behind each Berlin Wall they
> > threaten to erect.
> Are you offering to put up your monies to provide any and all legal and
> other support for any such site that participates? When is your site going
> up?

John said that people should put up per country mirrors first globally
accessible, but if required by local laws / harrassment to stop doing
that make them accessible only in the country.

As a fall back position as I understand it, so that all the useful
crypto apps are still available.