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Re: Building crypto archives worldwide to foil US-built Berlin Walls

Tim Griffiths wrote:

> However I 'export' PGP from the US, I'm exporting it, even if I have a
> web site for each bit, 0 or 1 being determined by whether Clinton has
> a cigar or not in a posted picture.

Hence the best way, once there are strict export regulations, is not 
to export. One moves rather knowledge (thought) across the country 
boundaries and there build locally the desired software. That's why 
I believe it will be increasingly more essential for the future to 
have good crypto algorithms that are very simple to describe and
implement. Whether these are very fast is at most of secondary
importance. For really very critical applications seldom involve
huge volumes and even if they do the computing cost hardly matters
and one can employ multiple hardware to achieve the required
rate of transmission.

M. K. Shen

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