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RE: The problem with 'Gilmore's RSAREF' site... (fwd)

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> From: Matthew James Gering <[email protected]>
> Subject: RE: The problem with 'Gilmore's RSAREF' site...
> Date: Tue, 8 Dec 1998 11:20:00 -0800 

> Jim Choate wrote:
> > In effect he's asking YOU to be cannon fodder for his rights.
> No, he's asking people who are willing to act in their own self-interest to
> protect the flow of strong crypto. Note he didn't even ask people to do so
> as civil disobedience (illegally), which I would myself be more than willing
> to do could I afford the bandwidth and legal fees.

No, what he's asking people to do is provide a mechanism for politicaly
controversial material to be made available in areas that are legal for
those who are in areas where it isn't legal. If you seriously wish to
propose that won't make you a target then you have no clue how LEA's work.

While he does this behind the legal protection of EFF he's asking others to
do it first person, something he apparently can't find the fortitude to do
himself. Further, he's not willing to extend his legal protection to help 

> If you have no self-interest, then shut up and don't participate. You're in
> the USS Republic of Texas anyway.

What an ignorant statement. When is YOUR CDR node going up (email accounts
are about $25/mo)? I've put up and continue to do so, when do you commit and 
then obtain the morale right to criticize others who are acting in their and
YOUR best interest? I'd guess never, that takes a committment.

Hell, if it wasn't for Igor and myself you wouldn't in all likelyhood even
have this place to bitch. It would have disappered over a year ago. Nobody
else (even the the co-creator TC May) was willing to save it. Now we've got
6 nodes (1 in Japan) which makes it very difficult to completely shut down
legaly, physicaly, or through acts of God (eg tree falls or fires).

You could put up a CDR node and finance it each month by smoking 1/4 ounce
less of your pot. It's cheap, cheap, cheap.

Piss off junior.


           If I can put in one word what has always infuriated me
           in any person, any group, any movement, or any nation,
           it is: bullying
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