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Mornington Crescent Explained (was RE: Global Strike to protest Wassenaar)

> Ben[SMTP:[email protected]] wrote, in reply to me replying to Richard Bragg:
>> >  Ever played Mornington Crescent?  Try the same thing with
>> >  e-mail.   The idea is that only those in the game know "the rules".
>> >  These rules can change at any time in any way and all
>> >  "real players" can tell about the new "rules" and adjust accordingly.
>> showing of course that he either doesn't know the *real*  rules of
>> Mornington Crescent or else (more likely) doesn't want to reveal them!
>> and this posting quite clearly wins this round - even with the new DLR
>> extensions and the Elverson Road footbridge:-)  

>Ok Ken--you didn't get 'Soccer Moms', now us Yanks don't get 'Mornington 
>Crescent'.  You want to explain to the list?

Well, you *did* ask. Don't blame me. 

It is summed up well at:

or, more prosaically, at:

Straight from the horse's mouth:

A transcript of an actual game can be found at:
http://www.lazarus.demon.co.uk/mc/mc100.html - he also has many other links
at: http://www.lazarus.demon.co.uk/mc/mc.html

The Encyclopaedia Morningtonia has more detail than anyone in their right
brain would want to know about the game  at:

Here are the rules of a slightly different game that Richard may have been
thinking of:
http://members.xoom.com/mornomic/ruleset.html and