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Re: Postcard Debates

"Wilson, Jamie (J.R.)" wrote:
> If everyone just encrypted their messages then no suspicions would be raised
> regarding the use of encryption.  Most people use envelopes, plain and
> simple -- and as a result no one questions what they are hiding.  It's
> understood that mail is private and therefore people have a right to seal it
> in an envelope and not worry about people tampering with it.  On the same
> note, there are federal regulations and penalties (in the U.S. anyway) for
> tampering with mail and interrupting the delivery of it.  The same laws
> should apply to email.

Right. If everyone used encryption, there would not as much public
debate about it.

For now, it is not commonly used and viewed as secrative.

Now for a general question to all that may read this: How much are
you willing to do something to change the laws?
However much people are willing to stick up for this issue is the
amount things could change.