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RE: Anyone Striking?

At 9:29 AM -0800 12/14/98, Gomes, Carlos wrote:
>Even http://www.openpgp.net is still up and operational.  I agree with Perry
>M. and Jim C. that the concept was good but the timetable was unfortunately
>unrealistic.  I've not run across any strike pages.

A foolish idea, that little "strike." Something out of the lefty sixties.
Grape boycotts and all that nonsense.

Clearly the Wassenaar folks will be so influenced by a few thousands
computer users withdrawing from the Net for one frigging day that they will
rethink their Orwellian plans and will admit their crimes in an orgy of

Give me a fucking break.

The _only_ motivation was to induce journalists to give the think a few
column inches, if even that. "Hundreds of geeks cut their noses off to
spite their faces...details on page 75."

Exporting PGP within minutes of its release...now _that's_ a meaningful
action! (And one which Cypherpunks continue to be good at.)

Let's leave the "National Solidarity Against Racist Policies" crapola to
the lefties.

--Tim May

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