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crypto boredom

Tuesday 12/15/98 4:37 PM

John Young

Seeing http://jya.com/kea-errata.htm makes me feel good that I am 
not doing crypto work anymore.

I talked with Kent Parsons this afternoon at Holman's computer.

Parsons was the department manager who was going to make his claim-to-
fame at Sandia on the Forth code we developed. "We aren't getting the
recognition [for Forth] we deserve." was a Parsons quote.

I told Parsons that the Forth code we developed is executing all over
the world.

Jane Ellson was one of Parson's secretaries when we did the
Forth 8085 and 8051 development in the weapons components department.

Ellson is now Sandia president Paul Robinsonís secretary.

I need to revise my NSA-funded and Sandia-approved Forth book for the
80c32 and windows.  

I saw http://jya.com/intel120898.htm.

NSA's Forth expert Donald Simard talked to me about putting Forth on a
PC as a stand-alone secure operating system.

Putting a secure RELIABLE operating system on a Pentium-class processor
be a MAJOR task.  Perhaps more than just building a rad hard version of
the chip.

Parsons also led the effort at Sandia to build the 8051 as a rad hard
chip at Sandia to replace Sandia's rad hard 8085 chip SET.

Forth works great for weapons programmers.  

We need to get this unfortunate matter settled so that we can ALL move
on to more constructive projects.