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Easy Money $$ <<Work At Home Jobs>> Stuffing Envelopes: $3 Per Envelope, Guaranteed!

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"If you stuff 1000 envelopes with our sales materials, you are 
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Hello Friend and Job seeker,
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     Can you find the time to put our sales materials in 1000 
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     If you have answered yes to any of these questions...
Let me be the first to welcome you to BETTER SOLUTIONS.

     My name is Andrew Devore, President of Better Solutions.  I 
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          <<An Explanation of Why I Need your Assistance.>>

     We would like to mail our offers out to hundreds of 
thousands of people in the U.S.  And if we have home workers 
handle the jobs of stuffing and mailing, we save big money on 
overhead, extra office spaces, and having to hire more staff.

     Absolutely anyone can do this.  You can be young or old, 
with or without a college degree.  You do not need any special 
training or even a high school diploma.  It also doesn’t matter 
where you live.  I am not kidding, it is really that simple. 

     And the greatest news of all, there is no limit on how many 
envelopes you want to stuff.  If you stuff 300 envelopes, you 
will get paid $900 cash!  If you stuff 1000 envelopes, you will 
be paid $3000 cash.  You just need to follow word for word my 
straight-forward instructions and you will get paid...every 
single time...Guaranteed!

     My method will even show you how to get the envelopes with 
the addresses and stamps already on them.  This means, no 
addressing of envelopes or licking of stamps is required!  Simply 
fill the envelopes with my sales materials, put them in the mail 
box and you’ll get $3 for every single one...Guaranteed!  I have 
taken the measures to make things as simple and easy as possible 
for you.

                      DON'T RISK MISSING OUT!

     I am seeking a limited number of home workers, and I will 
stop accepting orders as soon as I get enough home workers in 
your area.  To avoid losing out on the chance to be one of our 
home workers, order your "$3 per Enveloped System".

     The cost of this  system is only $55.  Included is 
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remember, after stuffing only 21 envelopes you’ll have earned 
more than your investment back.

                   45 Day Money Back Guarantee!!!

     You have a full 45 days (that is six weeks) to use the "$3 
dollar per envelope system".  If you have not realized the money 
making potential of this system within this time, simply return 
the materials and you’ll receive an immediate refund...no 
questions asked!!


Andrew  W. Devore, President 
Better Solutions

Important note:   There are two choices  before you.  You can 
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We both know that procrastination never leads to any kind of 
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                   PRINT OUT THE FORM BELOW
If you are signing-up within 10 days, your cost is only $27.50.  
If not, please fill out this form and enclose the regular $55.  
Welcome aboard!!    

Please mail payment to:  Better Solutions  2065 Rodney Dr.  Suite 
105 Dept.410  LA  CA  90027                       
                  *50% OFF RISK-FREE ORDER FORM*

First Name________________Last Name __________________________   



Phone (      ) _____________Email Address_________________

Where You Read About Better Solutions?____________ 

$ Amt. Enclosed?____________

(Circle One)Paying by:     Check      Money Order    Credit Card 

(WE ACCEPT Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express)

Type of card 

Expiration Date________________$ Amount(Circle One)?  $55     

I am legally authorized to make purchases using this card.  After 
the 45 day guarantee, I forfeit my right to chargeback and 
request a reversal of charges for this credit card purchase.


Please Note:  If you pay by money order, your order will be 
processed immediately and sent out the next day.  We wait for all 
checks to clear so there will be a 7-14 day delay on your order 
being processed. Credit cards clear faster than checks but slower 
than money orders.   If you are paying by credit card, all the 
information must be there for order to be processed!