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Re: NSA Electronic Sheriff

John Young wrote:

> >From a new report:
> "Cybercrime, Cyberterrrorism, Cyberwarfare"
> Tomorrow's frontline commanders will be drawn from
> the ranks of computer wizards. The sandal culture is
> challenging the wingtips. The National Security Agency's
> (NSA) new electronic sheriff, responsible for protecting
> NSA's ground stations, is a 23-year-old GS-14.

Dialog at a recent poker game at a table in the back of the NSA Saloon:

"Rumor has it there's some bad hombres ridin' into town. We're gonna
need a sheriff. Quick, pin a star on that kid over there, yeah him, the
idiot wearin' sandals. He'll stand 'em off in the street, we'll be
waitin' on the roofs."

"Hey sweetcheeks, another round for the boys."