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Re: WEAK3-EX -- A Layman's 56-bit Data Encryption Algorithm

Ben Laurie wrote:
> Mok-Kong Shen wrote:
> > P.S. For space and obvious reasons, I plan to remove the code and
> > binaries of WEAK1, WEAK2, WEAK3 and WEAK3-E from my Web page this
> > Friday, leaving in future WEAK3-EX the single encryption software
> > accessible.
> Hmm. The "obvious reasons" being one or more of the following:
> a) You think people shouldn't be allowed strong crypto
> b) You think the US shouldn't have to go to the trouble of getting laws
> changed, we should just obey their whims voluntarily
> c) You are on the NSA's payroll

I didn't want to incur two matters (hence my way of formulation):

1. The law would sometime be effective in my country without my
   immediately noticing it and I'll get trobles.

2. I am not sure that my stuff is really strong. Saying that I
   have to delete because it is strong is claiming something
   at least very subjectively and anyway not scientific.

Do you understand now?

M. K. Shen