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Norstar Question

This may be slightly off the topic here sorry...   :(

Ok for those of you that are actually reading this message I have a
question about a  Small Office Norstart Switch/voice mail system.

I have recently taken the task of doing phone admin wehre I work and we
use a Norstar system.  I am waiting on tech support/help folk to get
back to me and wanted to see if I can get the system working before they

Here is the problem.

	I do Feature 983 to get to the admin section and I type in the password
for some reason the password is not working.  I tried a fewother
combinations to see if it was given some other password, as well I
checked the defaults and I have had NO luck getting into the admin
section.  Thus my question....

	Is there a back door way ito the system that anybody on the net knows

If so plese send it to me.   If it means actually having access to the
device I belive it is in a closet that I can get to with the aid of some
other folk here that have the key.

			Thank you,

			Leif Ericksen.