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Re: CyberScam

I wanted to see what other nonsense this nitwit has written, and found this:

At 10:12 AM -0800 10/23/98, Kevlar wrote:

>My bad. You were serious. But still...

My bad _what_? The fragment "My bad" is nonsense.

>Mozilla (NS), IE, and many other less well known (but certianly as popular)
>WEB browsers have encryption built right into them, so you can do things
>"Securely". Nobody uses their real name on the internet, unless it's for

Nonsense. Many of us use our "real names" on the Internet, right here on
this non-business list. In fact, real names outnumber nyms by probably
10-1. Ditto for most of the Usenet and most mailing lists. Chat rooms may
be a different story...I wouldn't know about them.

>Naturally this is in compareison to the internet's predacessor (Not
>ARPAnet, that was a government project. BBS's came first)
>itgrumble>, which were mostly free to anyone who came and wanted to dl/ul a
>file or post in the message base. And usally if it wasn't open you could
>apply for access.

No, BBBs (not "BBS's") did _not_ come first. I had an ARPANet account in
1973 or so, long before any meaningful BBSs were available. (And the
ARPANet goes back to 1967-8 or so.)


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